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Why Flax Seed Oil?

Feeding Flax Seed Oil to your horse on a daily basis could do wonders for their overall health.  Due to the high content of Omega 3 and the nature of the oil, it has huge health benefits and can keep your horse looking and feeling amazing!

Feeding Flax Seed (or Linseed) to horses is a time- honoured practice in many stables. For centuries horse owners have fed Flax Seed for a glossier, easier to groom coat, stronger hooves, improved condition, fitness and performance - modern scientists and vets have proven its efficacy is due to Omega 3.  (It is important to note that Linseed and Flax Seed are the same thing.  Flax Seed Oil is the name given to Linseed Oil when it is produced to Food Grade standards rather than industrial standards.  Everything we produce here at Fourflax meets Food Grade standards, and so we call our products Flax Seed rather than Linseed.  Click here for more FAQs)

Now with the availability of Equine Flax Seed Oil and the high concentration of Omega 3 that is present in this product, horse owners can easily administer this health-giving supplement to their animals, without the need for getting messy and trying to boil linseed!

Flax Seed Oil provides a rich natural source of Omega 3, an essential fatty acid (EFA) that is not generally present in many horse feeds. Like all animals, horses cannot manufacture this essential fatty acid which is so important for their overall health.

As little as 30ml per day may be needed for general maintenance of your horses coat, joints and hooves, and results should be seen within 10-14 days of first feeding.  For further instructions on how much to feed your horse, visit our feeding guide.

Omega 3 rich Flax Seed Oil- A 100% natural horse feed supplement that:
  •   Maintains supple, healthy skin and incredibly soft and shiny coats
  •   Encourages stronger hooves that are more resistant to cracking
  •   Promotes healthy, pain free joints and muscles
  •   Can aid symptoms of allergic reactions and inflammation such as sweet itch
  •   Strengthens the immune system while modulating the inflammatory response
  •   Provides a high energy source for working and racing horses and can help to eliminate 'fizzing up' or bulking issues
  •   Provides cool energy and can help to calm nervous animals
  •   Can significantly decrease recovery times following strenuous exercise, and can prevent 'tying up' and cramping
  •   Can improve semen quality and it's tolerance to freezing and thawing

In general, Flax Seed Oil supports your horse's immune, circulatory and structural systems and promotes overall health. By simply pouring over the daily feed, you are looking after their health from the inside out.


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