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Kirstin Kelly

I have been thrilled with the results since feeding Fourflax oil. I have had “Tiraumea Donegal” on it this season and he looks so healthy and has loads of energy without getting stressed on lots of grain. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil have been an advantage especially with Donegal being a big horse and having to jump on the hard ground during the summer months. His glossy coat is a sign that he is well inside and out.

I have also started feeding my youngster “Goodwill” the oil and the improvement in him is remarkable. He is a fussy eater so the fact that it doesn’t have to be flavoured with garlic, because it is high quality Linseed oil and not bleached fish oil, is a real bonus.

The van der Sande Family: Pirongia Clydesdales

‘At Pirongia Clydesdales we use and recommend fourflax flax seed products. We consider these products an essential part of the feeding regime of our Clydesdales, our driving horses and event horses, and crucial for keeping our horses in top condition year round’.

Dr. Glenn Beeman BSc., DVM, MRCVS: Mountainview Equine Ltd.

For almost four years, vet Glenn Beeman has been very impressed with the outstanding results and feedback he continues to get from his growing list of flax seed oil users. Mountainview Equine opt to give flax seed oil out by way of sponsorship to pony clubs and at regional horse events. “As a result we see an unsolicited amount of people coming back for more, it sells itself,” said Glenn.

It is well known throughout the horse industry that flax seed oil (linseed) is beneficial for animal health and wellbeing. What sets flax seed oil apart from other oils is the high concentration of omega 3 (up to 60%) and essential fatty acids. A regular low dose of flax seed oil helps achieve optimum animal health and improves joint, hoof, skin and coat quality.

Skin Conditions – Whether for show jumping, eventing or pre-sale preparation, users are very impressed with the deep rich hair coat and shine. This level of presentation indicates a healthy animal receiving the right nutrients and ingredients and cannot be achieved by shampoo alone.

When Glenn encounters a horse with skin problems one of the first products he will put them on is flax seed oil. “It does such a nice job of maintaining skin, hair and hoof that we find most people keep their animals on it”.

Energy Source – Flax seed oil contains four times more energy than grain (1c oil is equivalent to 4c grain). In the case of endurance horses, the use of oil eliminates ‘fizzing up’, bulking issues and provides a reliable energy source.

At the race track flax seed oil is used as a substitute for grain to aid in the prevention of ‘tying up’ syndrome. Flax seed oil often results in calmer horses without the behavioral problems often associated with grain.

Easy to Administer - Flax seed oil is easy to administer and very effective in optimising energy requirements and animal health. The oil is readily accepted by horses, mixes well with other feeds and is affordable.

Zena Petherbridge

"I have just finished a 5 litre flax oil...It has had an amazing effect on her coat - she has gone a rich dark bay and people keep asking if I am using show sheen every day!  My mare also has lots of good energy (she can be spooky) and is moving forward better than ever"

Natasha Guest

"I became a supporter of your product last year after Tahi had a few back issues and my competition mare stopped responding to the Glucosamine mix we had her on.  Someone recommended your product and so I made the switch.  My horses coats came up so shiny and their joints coped well with a tough endurance season."

Tania Boyd: Arcoda Lodge Supreme Sport Horses

"I clipped the first of my horses last week for the show this weekend, and the difference in the shine to her coat after clipping is amazing.  I have never clipped a horse coat with such a shine...your product is amazing and cost effective!"


Why just take our word for it?  The best way is to use the oil and to see the results for yourself.  Results are usually seen within 14 days of daily feeding, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied! 

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