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Shona Prebble: Breeder of Siberian Huskies and International All Breeds Judge

“I feed Flax Seed Oil every day to all my dogs and the benefits are obvious! The first thing I noticed is an overall improvement in the condition of their coat; the appearance and texture of the double coat is greatly enhanced by the use of Flax Seed Oil. Coats are held much longer and are generally shinier. Siberian Husky coats must be resistant to all weather conditions. They are continuously exposed to all the elements so Flax Seed Oil has really helped to maintain coat quality. This is definitely an advantage in the show ring. Over a period of time I have noticed that we have less reason to visit the vet- those odd little problems don’t crop up. Pregnant and lactating bitches are healthy and their progeny are healthy too.”

Michelle Young: Cheralay Shelties, Sydney

"Thank you so much for recommending the FourFlax Flaxseed Oil to me back in August!

My sheltie boy who has persistently been a very itchy dog (since he was 6mths of age and he is now 15 months) has greatly decreased his itchiness over the last 2 months of being on this product. Prior to this we had tried several different types of food (BARF, Lamb based, fish based, fish based grain free, VAN) as well as additives such as fish oil and other Omega blend oils and also a course of antibiotics with no success. I am no longer seeing redness on his belly from the scratching. Prior to commencing using this product we were about to embark upon expensive allergy testing however we have now been saved from that.

I have also used the product on my sheltie bitches 1 of whom should be about to do a junior drop however so far the coat is still looking glossy and 2 older bitches that had a major coat drop a few months ago and the new coat that is coming through is nice and healthy.

I have been receiving compliments about the condition of my dogs coats from the general public and also from fellow exhibitors and given that one of the dogs that we have been receiving the compliments for is the itchy boy that has previously had no belly hair this product has worked for me and I will continue to use it on all my dogs.

I have also recommended this product to another friend who has had a dog with dry skin and she has seen an improvement in the 4 weeks that she has used Fourflax Flaxseed oil."

Dawn Robertson: Breeder of Corgis and Siberian Huskies

“I have found Flax Seed Oil beneficial for all my dogs from puppies to older dogs. My old dog Shadow was suffering from stiff joints but now he is up and at ‘em! His joints have a greater range of movement and his general well-being has picked up considerably.”

Bianca Kelly: 'Spalas Skye Terriers', Australia

"Although having only used this product for a short period of time we can see a lot of improvement. We highly recommend Fourflax – Flaxseed Oil, we are using it on a rare breed at a young age and see so much difference in a short amount of time. The texture in their coats has improved and their coats are a lot shinier, the skin looks so much healthier and their toe nails are no longer brittle. Groomers paradise have helped immensely with their range of products and we receive our purchase’s in only a short matter of time thank you so very much for taking the time to help and listen to our needs."

Cindy Ireland

"Dog agility is my life. I love it and the camaraderie I feel with my dog. Nell is my seven year old Staffordshire bull terrier and she had started to drop jumps. Veterinary diagnosis showed cruciate ligament tears in both knees and arthritis. Her agility career was over. She couldn't play ball in the yard without limping. She couldn't jump, not even into the car. She was in incredible pain and moved like an old, old dog.

As a groomer I went to an Eric Salas seminar hosted by Groomers Paradise. I heard Eric talking about the benefits of Flax seed oil and heard that Groomers Paradise were importing Fourflax Flax seed oil. I put my name down for some and anxiously waited.

Nell has been on Flaxseed oil for around two to three months now. Two weeks after starting on the product and for the first time in months, Nell jumped into my car. She went for an hour long run and a swim at the beach then had a lovely long sleep. When she got up later, she wasn't limping. She has returned to playing boisterous games of ball, and runs up and down the stairs. Today, she jumped onto the bed. More importantly, she loves the taste and licks her bowl clean at every opportunity. The benefits are extraordinary and I recommend it to everyone!"

Amanda: Koairley Cavaliers and Tibetan Spaniels

"Thank you so much for bringing FourFlax Flaxseed Oil to us!

We have been using flaxseed oil since the Sydney Royal, but the only way we were buying it was in capsule form, from a 'human' pharmacy. We loved it, as we have found it has made the dogs coat very shiny, with a lovely texture, and the quality and the condition of their coats has improved greatly. We were excited when we saw the Fourflax product as we thought it would be much easier to use rather than puncturing capsules and losing a lot of the product.

Not only is it much easier to use, but we realized that the dogs were not getting enough of the oil, and since using your product the condition of their coats is even better, and their coats are starting to grow thicker and longer, with great quality.
We have also found one of our dogs with quite sensitive skin has begun to scratch less and less marks on their skin. We have found it has other benefits as well - one of our dogs suffers from patella luxation, and we have noticed increased mobility and less pain since she was switched to Fourflax. We recently switched to Black Hawk which includes a small amount of flaxseed oil in it, and with the holistic food, and this, we have noticed great improvements in our dogs. In short, We LOVE this product!!!!!!"

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